Water Tank Full Alarm Circuit

This water tank full alarm circuit is a very cheap, simple, and interesting project which every one can build. Because of its few circuit components, even a novice or a beginner can easily build. This circuit diagram is very useful especially for those who do not want to spend much money while controlling their water pump.
The simple water tank full alarm raises an alarm when the tank is full. Perharps, nobody is outside, everyone is inside or indoors watching that interesting TV show. Probably, one is inside sleeping or doing one or two things and are pumping water to the water tank at the same time. To detect that the tank is full so as to switch OFF the water pump machine becomes an issue. As a result of this, the pump keeps pumping water and causes flood or damages. This project is useful for such then or you can also build your neighbor.

This simple project is an economical project which saves energy and costs in terms of electrical bill and or fuel (in case of fuel generators).

Simple Water Tank Full Alarm Components

Below are the values of the few components which make up this project

Integrated Circuit

NE555 (1)

  • R1 = 10KΩ
  • R2= 33KΩ
Other Components
  • SW = Floating Switch (Normal Open)
  • SP= Speaker 8Ω

The SW is inserted in the tank at a full level of your desire of the tank. The circuit is always OFF until the tank is full, then it is being activated by SW (Floating Switch). This means that the circuit draws no current from the supply source except when the water tank is full. Therefore, if you are using a battery to power the circuit, it can take very long time before replacing the battery.
Below is the simple water tank full alarm circuit diagram

Water Tank Full Alarm Circuit

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