The meaning of open circuit

If you hear open circuit, what first comes your mind? In this post, I explained the meaning of open circuit. The explanation is with a simple and easy to understand circuit diagrams.

In electronic circuits, an open circuit is when current is not flowing in the circuit. This may be as a result of breakage in the power supply or potential difference (Pd) to the circuits. For example, if the main fuse of the circuit or supply blows off or the state of the main switch is OFF, the circuit or network becomes open.

The below circuit diagram explains the what open circuit means. The emphasis is the circle with an arrow pointing towards what makes circuit to become open.

The meaning of open circuit

Apart from the term “open circuit” which you have read its meaning, you can also read the other terms (Closed Circuit and Short Circuit) here: Closed Circuit and Meaning and Short Circuit and its Meaning respectively.

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