TDA2822M Circuit Diagram

Need a mini stereo audio amplifier? This simple mini TDA2822M amplifier circuit diagram is for you. It requires very few external electronic components for it to work. Hence, even a novice can construct this practical circuit. The circuit is a stereo audio power amplifier which means; you have two audio inputs and as well as two audio outputs. The integrated circuit (IC) TDA2822M is a monolithic integrated circuit (IC); it can sense overload at the output. If there is an overload at the output, the IC cuts off its output to protect it from damage(s). Also, this IC has the ability to sense temperature, if it is overheating; the IC shuts down automatically by itself to prevent damage(s).

This circuit can deliver an output of 0.5W to 3W on 3Ω to 8Ω impedance speakers. The input voltages range from 2.5V to 15V single DC supply. This mean that you can use for your Personal Computer (PC). This is because you can even power it from the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port if your computer.

Below is the TDA2822M amplifier circuit diagram.

TDA2822M circuit diagram

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