TDA2050 Circuit Diagram

TDA2050 amplifier circuit diagram with a preamplifier stage using the Op Amp TL072 chip, that’s what this post all about. It is a simple audio amplifier circuit you can build without much stress. TDA2050 chip is a five (5) pins HI-FI audio amplifier chip common in most audio amplifier circuits especially the class AB circuits. Because of its high voltage (up to 50V) tolerance, it is more reliable over the other five (5) pins TDAs series like TDA2003, TDA2050, etcetera-etcetera.
The TDA2050 chip can output up to 50W audio power in a 4Ω impedance speaker. It can probably output 25W in an 8Ω speaker. With these characters, it is obvious that TDA2050 surpasses the other five pins TDAs audio amplifier chips.

Meanwhile in this design, the TDA2050 amplifier circuit diagram uses ±14V but to ensure the maximum output power, you can (on your own) use ±25 and a regulated ±14V for the Op Amp chip. Note that the input power is also a factor for best output power of the circuit.

Pinout and Functions of TDA2050

I provided an information on the TDA2050 Pinout here you might want to check on there.

Make use of any construction board of your choice to build the circuit. Also, ensure adequate heat sink system for the chip (TDA2050). However, the IC is designed with thermal and short circuit protection system. You can find more about this chip on its datasheet on your own spare time.
Below is the TDA2050 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2050 Circuit Diagram

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