TDA2050 Bridge Amplifier Circuit

Do you need more audio output power using TDA2050 IC? I guess your answer is “YES.” Two TDA2050 circuits in bridge mode is the answer. The TDA2050 bridge amplifier circuit is more powerful than the normal circuit that uses only one TDA2050 chip.

Circuit like TDA2050 amplifier circuit diagram has only one TDA2050 IC and with a preamplifier circuit based on TL072 Op Amp chip. If you have already built the above circuit (TDA2050 amplifier circuit Diagram), the TDA2050 bridge amplifier is just an improvement design for more output power. We obtain more audio power through this circuit by bridging the two TDA2050 Chips, SIMPLE!

Normally, TDA2050 can output 50W maximum audio power into a 4Ω speaker. It can power 8Ω speaker with 25W to 32W maximum power, so, in this design we can expect anywhere up to 60W. TDA2050 has a maximum operating voltage of 50V which means, you can use ±25V dual rail supply to power the Chip. It is designed with thermal and short circuit protection features.

TDA2050 Pinout and Functions

The table below shows the pins of the chip, its name, and function (in summary).




1 Non – Inverting Input Use for low impedance input, it is marked by plus (+) sign
2 Inverting Input Inverts the input at the output. Use for high impedance input. It is marked by minus (-) sign
3 Ground Ground or 0V/-V supply of the IC. Use together with pin 5 (VCC) to power the chip
4 Output Drives the output (speaker)
5 Supply Voltage Input voltage (VCC) pin of the IC. Use together with pin 3 (Groun or 0V/-V) to power the IC

While assembling this circuit, make sure that the two TDA2050 chips have efficient heat sink for cooling the ICs while operating. We use ±14V for this TDA2050 bridge amplifier circuit project because of the TL072 operating voltage which is only 30V max. However, you can use voltage above this (±14V to ±25V) but I will recommend ±22V max which is safer for the TDA2050. Whatever voltage, just make sure you power the TL072 with ±14V. You can do this by using voltage regulator IC like LM7814 to have a regulated ±14V for the Op Amp Chip (TL072).

Below is TDA2050 Bridge Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2050 Bridge Amplifier

Tap and hold on the circuit, select open image if you you are having problem viewing the circuit


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