TDA2030 Single Supply Circuit

This is it, the TDA2030 single supply circuit diagram amplifier. This circuit is so simple which even a beginner in circuit building can build. Also, it is a straight forward circuit that requires very few addition of extra external electronic components to get it working!

Do you plan to power it with a 12V Battery? Are you thinking of powering it with a 9V single supply? Yes, you can! The interesting part of this circuit is that it can be powered by Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. More so, this circuit was tested using 3V supply and it worked. However, distortions in the sound happens at loudable volume on the 3V supply but the sound was OK at medium volume range. Therefore, 5V to 12V single supply is the recommeded input voltage supply for this circuit.

What is a TDA2030 chip?

The TDA2030 integrated circuit (IC) as you probably know, is a monolithic class-AB sound IC. It has five (5) pins and can output 14W max on 4Ω (Ohms) and about 9W on 8Ω (Ohms) impedance speaker. Additionally, it has short circuit and over-temperature protection feature. This chip has input voltage ranges from ±6V to ±18V dual (split) supply. See this TDA2030 amplifier circuit digram or TDA2030 Bridge amplifier which use dual or split supply. Also, one can power it with 6V to 36V single supply voltage as in this TDA2030 single supply amplifier. Generally, ±6V to ±18 dual or split supply and 12V to 36V single supply is the recommeded operating voltage for TDA2030 IC.

TDA2030 Pinout

The first pin is the 1st pin by the left hand-side when you are reading the scripts on the IC where the 5th pin is the last pin by the right-hand side. Below is the table showing the pin names and functions.

PIN Name Function
1 Non – Inverting Input Use for low impedance input, it is marked by plus (+) sign
2 Inverting Input Inverts the input at the output. Use for high impedance input. It is marked by minus (-) sign
3 Ground Ground or 0V/-V supply of the IC. Use together with pin 5 (VCC) to power the chip
4 Output Drives the output (speaker)
5 Supply Voltage Input voltage (VCC) pin of the IC. Use together with pin 3 (Groun or 0V/-V) to power the IC

TDA2030 single supply amplifier components

Below are the values of the components which are on the circuit diagram.

  • R1=220KΩ
  • R2=2.2KΩ
  • VR=50KΩ
  • C1=1μF Electrolytic (Polarized Capacitor)
  • C2=470μF Electrolytic (Polarized Capacitor)
  • C3=2.2nF ceramic (Non-Polarized Capacitor) coded 222
  • C4=1nF ceramic (Non-Polarized Capacitor) coded 102. See also table showing ceramic capacitors codes and values in pF, nF, and μF respectively here>> Capacitor number Code
  • C5=2700μF Electrolytic (Polarized Capacitor) or any rated 1000μF to 2700μF

Note, make sure you mount the IC on a heatsink. This helps radiating the heat away from the IC when is working to keep it as cool as possible from heat. Below is the TDA2030 single supply amplifier circuit

TDA2030 single supply Circuit

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