TDA2030 Bridge Amplifier Diagram

I felt I should post this TDA2030 bridge amplifier circuit diagram for those in need of it. This circuit is very simple to construct. Also, it requires very few components which are very cheap and easy to obtain. The TDA2030 IC outputs a peak power of 14W by bridging it, we can expect anywhere to 28W output power from the circuit.

The main components you will need for this amplifier are

  • TDA2030 IC (2)
  • 22µF electrolytic capacitor (2)
  • 10µF Electrolytic Capacitor (1)
  • 10nF Ceramic Capacitor (4)
  • 22 Kilo Ohms Fixed Resistor (4)
  • 390 Ohms Fixed Resistor (3)
  • 100 Ohms Fixed Resistor (1)
  • 2 Ohms Fixed Resistor (2)

When constructing, you should fix the two TDA2030 ICs on a sufficient heat sink. By doing this, you will minimize the heat that the two ICs will generate while operating. Also, doing this can minimize damage to the ICs.

This circuit uses 12V dual rail power supply that is to say it needs +12V and -12V with a ground source supply. If you can’t get or afford this power supply you can learn how to construct or build one for yourself here 12V dual rail power supply

You might want to see the TDA2030 Pinout also. Below is the TDA2030 bridge amplifier circuit diagram

TDA2030 Bridge Amplifier Circuit

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