TDA2030 and TDA2050 Pinout

The TDA2030 and TDA2050 have the same Pinout configuration and are both monolithic amplifier ICs. TDA2030 can output 14W RMS when use in single mode while in bridge mode, it can output 28W RMS. Its input voltage is up to ±18V (36V) maximum.

In the other hand, TDA2050 is the improved version over the TDA2030. It can output up to 50W RMS to a 4Ω impedance speaker when used in bridge mode or 25W RMS in a single mode. Its input supply voltage is up to ±25V (50V) maximum. They all have five pins, below is TDA2030 and TDA2050 Pinout.

Pin1-Non – Inverting Input

This pin is used for low impedance input, it is marked by plus (+) sign

Pin2-Inverting Input

It inverts the input at the output and used for high impedance input. It is marked by minus (-) sign


Ground or 0V/-V supply of the IC. Used together with pin 5 (VCC) to power the chip


Drives the output (speaker)

Pin5-Supply Voltage

Input voltage (VCC) pin of the IC. Use together with pin 3 (Groun or 0V/-V) to power the IC

TDA2030 and TDA2050 Pinout

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