TDA2030 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The article is for a simple TDA2030 amplifier circuit diagram. TDA2030 is an amplifier IC that can output up to 14W peak RMS base on the IC’s datasheet.
However, the circuit is simple to because build because the integrated circuit has already inbuilt amplifying components which has formed the main circuit. It only needs few components to complete the amplification.
The external components you need for this TDA2030 amplifier circuit diagram are as follow:

  • TDA2030 IC (1)
  • Resistor
    22KΩ (2)
    390Ω (1)
    100Ω (1)
    2.2Ω (1)
  • Capacitors
    22µF (1)
    10µF (1)
    100nF – 104 (3)
  • Others
    Speaker and -12 GND +12V dual rail power supply

The circuit should be mounted on an efficient heat sink to absorb the heat from the IC while operating. The circuit uses dual rail DC power supply of -12V and +12V with a ground. See Dual Rail DC power supply here.

TDA2030 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

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