TDA2003 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2003 amplifier circuit diagram is one of the simplest amplifier circuit diagrams you can build. It is simple because it requires very few external components and effort to build.

Can I use UTC2003 amplifier IC to substitute TDA2003? Absolutely, YES! UTC2003 has the same function as TDA2003 which you can use to substitute the TDA brand. Even if your design or initial circuit uses UTC2003, you can still use the TDA2003 in place of it. The two ICs are the same which both can deliver anywhere to up to 10W output power. Meanwhile, the difference between them is the manufacturer of the integrated circuit.

Componentsy you need for the UTC2003 or TDA2003 amplifier circuit diagram
  1. Integrated Circuit (IC): TDA2003 or UTC2003 (1)
  2. Fixed Resistors: 0.22Ω (2) and 220Ω (1)
  3. Capacitors: 1µF Electrolytic (1), 100µF Electrolytic (3), 470µF Electrolytic (2). 100nF – 104J (1) and 4.7nF – 472J Ceramic.
  4. Others: 3V to 12V Power Supply and a 4Ω 15W Speaker

I recommend that you mount the integrated circuit on an efficient heat sink to minimize heating of the IC while operating. The input voltage is from 3V to up to 12V DC single supply. Build this simple amplifier and feel it!

TDA2003 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

However, apart from UTC2003 or TDA2003 amplifier circuit diagram you can find other amplifier circuits in this site. Don’t forget to share with family and friends…

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