TDA1517P Amplifier Circuit

This is a simple TDA1517P amplifier circuit diagram that you can build straight forward. The TDA1517P is a Class B amplifier sound IC with 18 pins (18-DIP) that is used in audio amplifier applications.

The operating voltage of this Integrated Circuit (IC) ranges from 6V to 18V maximum. For safer supply voltage, 12V is the option. TDA1517P is a two (2) channels audio amplifier IC and each of the channels can drive a 4Ω impedance speaker at about 6Watts, total 12W max.

This circuit diagram using TDA1517P needs only few external components to build. Another interesting part about this chip is that; it is a thermally and reversed polarity supply protection chip. This means when the IC is hot, it shuts down by itself and also if wrong polarity is supplied to it, no need of worries! It also has mute/standby switch.

TDA1517P Pinout
  1. Non-Inverting Input 1 (-INV1)
  2. Signal ground (SGND)
  3. Signal Voltage Ripple Rejection (SVRR)
  4. Output1 (OUT1)
  5. Power Ground (PGND)
  6. Output2 (OUT2)
  7. Voltage Supply
  8. Mute/Standby Switch (M/SS)
  9. Non-inverting Input2 (-INV2)
  • Pin10 to 18 not connected
  • C1 and C2 = 1µF (Electrolytic Capacitor)
  • C3 = 100µF (Electrolytic Capacitor)
  • C4 and C5 = 1200µF (Electrolytic Capacitor)
  • C6 = 100nF (Non-Polarized capacitor)
  • C7 = 2200µF (Electrolytic Capacitor)

The TDA1517P Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA1517P Amplifier Circuit

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