Simple Diode Tester Circuit

If a Diode is malfunctioning in a circuit especially in rectification circuit, then the whole circuit is faulty. Construct this simple diode tester circuit to help make your work easy.
This project can also be useful for practical and educational consumption.  It helps in illustrating how diode works for does that do not know how diodes work.

Are you doubting if the diode is still normal or faulty? This circuit is for you, just place the diode in it to see if it is in order.

You will only need very few components to setup this circuit. You can get these components even from a dead panel. Below are the lists of components you will need.

1KΩ Resistor, 22uF Electrolytic Polarized Capacitor, Light Emitting Diode (LED), and 3V to 9V Electrical Cell or battery.

The circuit is a simple diode tester circuit. The circuit is setup then the diode for testing is place as shown in the schematic. When switch (SW) is closed the Light Emitting Diode (LED) should lit (emit light) because the Diode is in Forward direction. But if the diode is in the opposite direction, the LED should not lit because the diode is in Reverse Direction.

If the LED lit when the diode is in both forward and reverse direction, it means that the Diode is faulty or it is malfunctioning. The reason is; Signal Diodes should only conduct in forward directions.

simple diode tester circuit

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