741 Op Amp Preamplifier Circuit

Op Amp Circuits

This article is a collection of different Op Amp circuits. The term “OP AMP” or “OPAMP” stands for – Operational Amplifier. Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) is a type of voltage amplifier that provides thousands output gain more than the potential difference which is applied at it input(s). This output can go up to hundred thousand …

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LM386 amplifier circuit

LM386 Amplifier Circuit

LM386 Amplifier Circuit is a simple low power amplifier circuit which consumes low power. It is very useful in low power projects or circuits which are powered by batteries such as radio set, tape player, etc. This circuit uses very few external components to amplify low input audio signal. One can use this circuit for …

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Bass treble tone control with volume

Bass Treble Circuit Diagram

Bass Treble Circuit Diagram with volume control is a circuit which you can use to control sound frequencies between 16Hz and 16Kz. You can control the Low (Bass), MID Treble, and HIGH Treble sounds in the audio sound. It is a simple circuit which requires less effort to build which means even a novice can …

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TDA7377 subwoofer circuit

TDA7377 Subwoofer Circuit

The below circuit is a simple 60W RMS TDA7377 subwoofer circuit system. This is an easy to build project, it does not need much effort and expenses. The components are easy to obtain from even scraps so that you don’t need to suffer in building this project! This circuit has two transistors amplifiers at input …

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50w amplifier circuit diagram

50W Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The simple 50W amplifier circuit diagram is a simple circuit which you can easily build. It requires no much effort, because it is base on readymade amplifier integrated circuits (ICs). Thus, very few external components will make the amplifier complete to work. The sound ICs of this amplifier is the common sound IC – the …

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full wave using non center tapped

How to Convert AC to DC

This article talks about how to convert Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC). As almost all Electronic devices and circuits use Direct Current (DC) instead of Alternating Current (AC) directly, there is a need for a DC. Though, for a novice it may seem as if is an AC powering Electronic because is plugged …

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Capacitors in series calculation

Capacitors in Series calculations

In this post we will be looking at Capacitors in series calculations. Capacitors in series are connected end to end so that the same charge (Q) appears across each of them. Meanwhile, in this connection, different potential difference (Pd) appears across each of the capacitors. The sum of voltage drops across each of the capacitor …

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Transistor LED flasher

LED Flasher using Transistor

This simple Transistor LED flasher circuit it is a simple practical circuit or project for electronic hubbies especially the beginners in the electronic world. It is interesting for those who are learning building electronic projects or circuits. There are many different simple Light Emitting Diode (LED) flasher circuits out there which use transistors as this …

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