TDA1517P Amplifier Circuit

TDA1517P Amplifier Circuit

This is a simple TDA1517P amplifier circuit diagram that you can build straight forward. The TDA1517P is a Class B amplifier sound IC with 18 pins (18-DIP) that is used in audio amplifier applications. The operating voltage of this Integrated Circuit (IC) ranges from 6V to 18V maximum. For safer supply voltage, 12V is the […]

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Electronic Medical Records Systems

With the advancement in technology especially in “electronics” people can now use Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMRs) to have their health related reports saved, electronically. This is an application of electronic in a medical field. So, what are these electronic medical records systems? When you visit offices, hospitals, companies or any organization, recodings are necessary.

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TDA2030 and TDA2050 Pinout

TDA2030 and TDA2050 Pinout

The TDA2030 and TDA2050 have the same Pinout configuration and are both monolithic amplifier ICs. TDA2030 can output 14W RMS when use in single mode while in bridge mode, it can output 28W RMS. Its input voltage is up to ±18V (36V) maximum. In the other hand, TDA2050 is the improved version over the TDA2030.

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Simple Full Tank Alarm

Water Tank Full Alarm Circuit

This water tank full alarm circuit is a very cheap, simple, and interesting project which every one can build. Because of its few circuit components, even a novice or a beginner can easily build. This circuit diagram is very useful especially for those who do not want to spend much money while controlling their water

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TDA2030 single supply amplifier

TDA2030 Single Supply Circuit

This is it, the TDA2030 single supply circuit diagram amplifier. This circuit is so simple which even a beginner in circuit building can build. Also, it is a straight forward circuit that requires very few addition of extra external electronic components to get it working! Do you plan to power it with a 12V Battery?

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TDA2050 bridge amplifier circuit

TDA2050 Bridge Amplifier Circuit

Do you need more audio output power using TDA2050 IC? I guess your answer is “YES.” TDA2050 bridge amplifier circuits is the answer. The TDA2050 bridge amplifier circuit diagram is more powerful than the normal circuit that uses only one TDA2050 chip. Circuit like TDA2050 amplifier circuit diagram has only one TDA2050 IC and with

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TDA2050 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2050 Circuit Diagram

TDA2050 amplifier circuit diagram with a preamplifier stage using the Op Amp TL072 chip, that’s what this post all about. It is a simple audio amplifier circuit you can build without much stress. TDA2050 chip is a five (5) pins HI-FI audio amplifier chip common in most audio amplifier circuits especially the class AB circuits.

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amplifier with bass treble control

Amplifier with Bass Treble Control

This is a simple power amplifier with bass treble tone control circuit which you can build by yourself. It uses common – cheap components which are not hard or difficult to obtain. Briefly about the Circuit The circuit has three (3) stages; Preamplifier stage, Bass Treble Control stage, and the output power amplifier driver stage.

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