NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 Pin out

These chips are 8-pins packaged timers and can be operated by 2v to 16V. The NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 have the same pin out. They are all the same integrated circuits (IC) and have the same pins configurations. The difference between these integrated circuits is the manufacturer of the IC.

NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 pin outs and functions of each pin below
  1. GROUND_ Connects to the ground or 0V rail supply.
  2. TRIGGER_ It makes output goes HIGH when it sees one – third (1/3) of rail voltage.
  3. OUTPUT_ Goes HIGH or LOW
  4. RESET_ Turns IC ON when connected to positive rail and OFF when connected to ground.
  5. CONTROL_ Controls or varies the timing of the RC network.
  6. THRESHOLD_ It makes output goes LOW when it sees (2/3) of rail voltage.
  7. DISCHARGE_ Goes LOW when pin 6 sees (2/3) of the rail voltage if pin 2 is seeing (1/3) of the rail voltage. Pin 7 and 3 are in phase.
  8. VCC SUPPLY_ Connects to the positive rail supply.

NE556/ICM7556/ICL7556/TLC556 Pin out

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