LM386 Amplifier Circuit

LM386 Amplifier Circuit is a simple low power amplifier circuit which consumes low power. It is very useful in low power projects or circuits which are powered by batteries such as radio set, tape player, etc.

This circuit uses very few external components to amplify low input audio signal. One can use this circuit for practical consumptions or teaching on amplifier circuit. Also, it is simple circuit which beginner can build. This circuit can produce up to 1W which is enough for most simple and low power audio sound projects or circuits.

Components part on the LM386 amplifier circuit
  • C1 = 1µF (Electrolytic Polarized Capacitor)
  • C2 = 0.1nF (Ceramic Non Polarized Capacitor)
  • C3 and C4 = 10µF (Electrolytic Polarized Capacitor)
  • C5 = 47nF
  • C6 = 100µF (Electrolytic Polarized Capacitor)
  • VR = 50KΩ
  • R = 10Ω

LM386 amplifier circuit

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