Learn Electronics and Circuits

With “Learn Electronics and Circuits guide”, you will be able to read, understand, interpret, design electronics circuits, as well as construct electronic circuits or projects. You will also be able to invent your own Electronic Device(s). Furthermore, you can become an Electronic Technician having the ability and capacity to troubleshoot and repair electronics.

I have seen so many situations whereby many claiming Electrical and Electronics Engineers but have nothing to offer as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer.  As you can agree with me, Engineering precisely; Electrical and Electronics is not just by theories ONLY but most importantly, practical too (show me what you have not just telling me about what you have).  Meanwhile if you are the type, you do not need to worry anymore that is; if you decide and are serious to learn Electronics and Circuits Engineer.

However, my focus mainly is on Electronics because as suggested by some students that Electronics is harder to study compare to Electrical. No wonder! Out of 100% students studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering in most institutions almost 80% will focus on Electrical, 15% only for Electronics, and the remaining 5% for the both.


Note that; this is a guide which will put you through your journey. So, you will have to put your efforts, dedicate your time, and sacrifice for acquisition of the knowledge you need. It is at your own cost to do that if you wish to.

Whether you are a beginner, a student currently studying in the field, a graduate and or instructor you will probably find this article interesting. As a beginner, this guide will put you through what will make you become a real Electronics Engineer. Also, if you are a student studying Electrical and or Electronics Engineering, this guide will boost your understanding and knowledge putting you at higher class in your academic life. If you are a graduate already, this article can make you recall and understand more of Electronics Engineering. Likewise, being an Instructor, this could serve as an instructional material.

Any category you fall in, the materials you need are below. Just go for the one you need at your level.

However, for the beginners to get started, you will have to be introduced to basics of electronics. This will explore all the basics that you need to know about Electronics.

Introductions for the Beginners
Understanding Electronic Components

Also check out for the links for the volume 2 and 3 below

Understanding Electronic Devices and Circuits
Reading and Interpreting, and Constructing Electronic Circuits
  • Beginner’s guide to reading schematics, Fourth Edition by McGraw-Hill Education TAB
  • Beginner’s guide to reading schematics, Second Edition by TAB Books
  • Complete guide to reading Schematic diagrams by Parker Pub. Co
  • The Basic Soldering Guide: Learn to solder electronics successfully by Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Troubleshooting and Fixing Electronics
  • How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition by McGraw- Hill Education TAB
  • TV Repair for Beginners by McGraw – Hill Education TAB

Please note that I’ll have a commission on every material purchased through this directive 

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