Electronic Medical Records Systems

With the advancement in technology especially in “electronics” people can now use Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMRs) to have their health related reports saved, electronically. This is an application of electronic in a medical field.

So, what are these electronic medical records systems? When you visit offices, hospitals, companies or any organization, recodings are necessary. You will probably see files or folders containing different records or reports of different events. These files or folders containing papers are hardcopies, that is to say, you can see, touch, and feel. The case is different from the electronic medical records systems where all these records are electronically in a soft copy or digital form using computer software.

Benefits of Electronic Health Records

There are many benefits one can obtain from using electronic health records (EHR) system, some include the following:

  • A doctor can easily and quickly access a patient’s past and current health records
  • Your health or medical records such as laboratory tests, blood group, genotype, allergies, etc are save in the record system.
  • You can send a Patient’s health records over the net or electronically to everywhere in the world without taking too much time.
  • Your medical records are stored in a database system making it more safer from natural disasters.
Electronic Medical Records Companies

There are different companies or software out there for keeping medical or health records, below are few examples from many.

  • Athenahealth
  • AllegianceMD
  • DrChrono
  • Cener Ambulatory

The above electronic medical records software or companies are not the only ones in the market just like I stated earlier. You can research to find out more of them. This article is only to explore about the application of electronic in an electronic medical records systems.

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