Conversions and applications of electrical energy

In this article, you will learn about the conversions and applications or uses of electrical energy.

Because of the widely flexibility or ranges in which one can convert electrical energy into, electrical energy has become very useful. Obviously, these days the needs for electrical energy is rising higher than other forms of energies.

Different places ranging from houses, offices, schools, hospitals, industries or companies, hotels, churches, to different environments utilizes Electrical Energy. Though electrical energy is dangerous and hazardous but, yet still very – very useful. There is a link below at the end of this post where you can read the safety precautions on how to avoid some of these dangers and hazards.

As the law of conservation of energy states, that is; energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to the other. So, electrical energy can be converted to different forms of energies. This article highlights conversions of electrical energy to different forms of energies and their applications.

Electrical energy converts into Heat energy

We use Heat in many different occasions such as in cooking, drying, heating, etc. Electrical energy transforms to heat energy by passing electricity through some certain electrical heating elements. These elements generate heat as a result of electricity that is passing them. Some of the examples of electrical appliances that operate in this principle include:

  1. Electric heater
  2. Electrical iron
  3. Electrical cooker
  4. Electric dryers
  5. Electrical hair stretcher
  6. Electrical soldering iron
  7. Electric kettle
  8. Electric fryer
  9. Electrical stove
  10. Micro wave oven


Electrical energy converts into Mechanical energy

When you apply or pass electricity across devices grouped as “electro-mechanical devices,” it causes these devices to move or give a mechanical movement. Electro-mechanical devices are devices which have moving parts and their movements are as of the results of electricity that is passing them. This conversion is applicable and used in the following:

  1. Electric motors
  2. Electrical blenders
  3. Electric grinder
  4. Electric elevator or lifts
Electrical energy converts into Sound energy

Electrical energy can be transformed into sound energy. Some of the examples of the electrical sound devices that do this include:

  1. Telephones
  2. Loudspeakers
  3. Audio amplifiers
  4. Radio sets
  5. TV sets
Electrical energy converts into Wind energy

A very good example and where this is applicable and used is in electric fan.

Electrical energy converts into Light energy

In most places especially during the dark or night periods, light is a necessity. We use electrical energy for lightening especially in where there is darkness for clear vision. The electrical devices that do this include light bulbs and light emitting diodes (LEDs). The devices emit light when electricity is passing through them.

Apart from the conversions and applications of electrical energy, you also can find reading SAFETY MEASURES OR PRECAUTIONS ON ELECTRICITY interesting.

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