Simple Full Tank Alarm

Water Tank Full Alarm Circuit

This water tank full alarm circuit is a very cheap, simple, and interesting project which every one can build. Because of its few circuit components, even a novice or a beginner can easily build. This circuit diagram is very useful especially for those who do not want to spend much money while controlling their water […]

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full wave using non center tapped

How to Convert AC to DC

This article talks about how to convert Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC). As almost all Electronic devices and circuits use Direct Current (DC) instead of Alternating Current (AC) directly, there is a need for a DC. Though, for a novice it may seem as if is an AC powering Electronic because is plugged

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Transistor LED flasher

LED Flasher using Transistor

This simple Transistor LED flasher circuit it is a simple practical circuit or project for electronic hubbies especially the beginners in the electronic world. It is interesting for those who are learning building electronic projects or circuits. There are many different simple Light Emitting Diode (LED) flasher circuits out there which use transistors as this

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Learn Electronics and Circuits

With “Learn Electronics and Circuits guide”, you will be able to read, understand, interpret, design electronics circuits, as well as construct electronic circuits or projects. You will also be able to invent your own Electronic Device(s). Furthermore, you can become an Electronic Technician having the ability and capacity to troubleshoot and repair electronics. I have

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The meaning of open circuit

The meaning of open circuit

If you hear open circuit, what first comes your mind? In this post, I explained the meaning of open circuit. The explanation is with a simple and easy to understand circuit diagrams. In electronic circuits, an open circuit is when current is not flowing in the circuit. This may be as a result of breakage

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Closed Circuit and Meaning

Closed Circuit and Meaning

To better understand the meaning of closed circuit, I made use of a circuit diagram below to illustrate the term. A closed circuit is the circuit that is complete. That is, current is flowing in the circuit and all the electronic components in the network are functioning. This happens when power supply or potential difference

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Introduction to Electronics/Circuits

This article is an introduction to electronics and circuits. It will prepare you to understanding what electronics are as well as, electronic circuits. Electronics are widely use these days for day-to-day life activities. They are use in Offices, Schools, Markets, Churches, Mosques, Hospitals, Houses, Hotels, Terminals, Airports, and many other places you can mention. The

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Short circuit and its meaning

Short circuit and its meaning

A short circuit is the state in which current flows back to its potential source directly. It happens sometimes when the power supply lines contact each other directly. Also, conducting materials of a very low or negligible resistance in parallel to the potential source can cause short circuit too. A circuit diagram below this post

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