Resistors and types of Resistors

Resistors and the types of Resistors

This article explains resistors and types of resistors. Resistors are passive two-terminal electronic components that offer electrical resistance or opposition to flow of current in a circuit. Resistors reduce current flow and also they lower voltage in an electronic circuit. Mixture of carbon or various compound and films are use for constructing them. Also, they

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Resistor colour codes table

Read Resistor Colour Codes

Resistors colour codes system of determining unknown resistor’s value could be hard to be used. But in this post I published, “How to Read Resistor colour codes” makes things easy and simple. Resistors which their values are not printed on them use colour codes for their resistance identification. This article on resistor colour codes teaches

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State Ohms Law and its Limitations

At the end of this post, you should be able to state ohms law and its limitations respectively. OHM’S LAW A German Physicist George Simon Ohm in 1926 made an experiment and observed that for any good conductor, there is a relationship between current (I) flowing through the conductor and the potential difference (V) across

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