555 and 4013 Inverter Circuit

555 and 4013 Inverter Circuit

The circuit below is the circuit of a DC to AC 555 and 4013 power inverter circuit . The circuit can output power ranging from 100W to up to 150W or even more! Components you need Integrated Circuit (IC): NE555 (1) and CD4013 (1). Fixed Resistors: 1K (3), 3.3K (1), 47K (1). Capacitors: 100nF/104 (1), 474J […]

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CD4047 inverter circuit

CD4047 Inverter Circuit

The circuit below is a simple Push Pull CD4047 Inverter circuit diagram which uses only few components. It can output 100W to 150W AC power at 10V to 12V battery and centre taped transformer (12V-0V-12V, 5A). The Integrated Circuit (IC) CD4047 is wired as an astable multivibrator. The two oscillating outputs are  out of phase,

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simple power inverter circuit 100W to 1000W

Transistors Inverter Circuit

This post is for those searching for simple transistors inverter circuit. Even a learner can construct this circuits! If you are the type asking “can this circuit work?” the answer is YES! That is; if you make use of the components in this circuit or their equivalents and follow the connections as it is in

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Calculating runtime of power inverter or UPS

UPS runtime formula

In this article, you will learn the method of calculating or estimating Power Inverter or  Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) using this UPS runtime formula. Why do you want to? Because you want to know the time which the system will take before it runs off. That is; run out of power supply from power backup

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