TDA2030 and TDA2050 Pinout

TDA2030 and TDA2050 Pinout

The TDA2030 and TDA2050 have the same Pinout configuration and are both monolithic amplifier ICs. TDA2030 can output 14W RMS when use in single mode while in bridge mode, it can output 28W RMS. Its input voltage is up to ±18V (36V) maximum. In the other hand, TDA2050 is the improved version over the TDA2030. […]

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NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 Pin out

These chips are 8-pins packaged timers and can be operated by 2v to 16V. The NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 have the same pin out. They are all the same integrated circuits (IC) and have the same pins configurations. The difference between these integrated circuits is the manufacturer of the IC. NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 pin outs and functions of each pin

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