simple led dimmer circuit

Simple Transistors LED Dimmer

This article is a practical work that requires less effort which you can try by yourself. It is a simple transistors LED dimmer circuit using single Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT). This is an interesting article especially for beginners in electronics which don’t have much idea on electronics or using transistors. Remember, transistor can be used […]

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simple diode tester circuit

Simple Diode Tester Circuit

If a Diode is malfunctioning in a circuit especially in rectification circuit, then the whole circuit is faulty. Construct this simple diode tester circuit to help make your work easy. This project can also be useful for practical and educational consumption.  It helps in illustrating how diode works for does that do not know how

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NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 Pin out

These chips are 8-pins packaged timers and can be operated by 2v to 16V. The NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 have the same pin out. They are all the same integrated circuits (IC) and have the same pins configurations. The difference between these integrated circuits is the manufacturer of the IC. NE555/ICM7555/ICL7555/TLC555 pin outs and functions of each pin

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There are many different types of Capacitor. In general, they fall under one of these categories: Polarized Capacitor Non-Polarized Capacitor Variable Capacitor POLARIZED CAPACITORS Polarized capacitor types of capacitor must be connected correct way otherwise, will be damaged if connected wrongly. At least one of their leads (terminals) is mark either “+” or “−”.  Examples