50w amplifier circuit diagram

50W Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The simple 50W amplifier circuit diagram is a simple circuit which you can easily build. It requires no much effort, because it is base on readymade amplifier integrated circuits (ICs). Thus, very few external components will make the amplifier complete to work. The sound ICs of this amplifier is the common sound IC – the […]

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TDA2003 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2003 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2003 amplifier circuit diagram is one of the simplest amplifier circuit diagrams you can build. It is simple because it requires very few external components and effort to build. Can I use UTC2003 amplifier IC to substitute TDA2003? Absolutely, YES! UTC2003 has the same function as TDA2003 which you can use to substitute the TDA

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TDA2030 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2030 Amplifier Diagram

The article is for a simple TDA2030 amplifier circuit diagram. TDA2030 is an amplifier IC that can output up to 14W peak RMS base on the IC’s datasheet. This circuit is simple to build because the sound Chip only needs few external components to complete the amplification. The external components you need for this TDA2030

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TDA7377 amplifier circuit

TDA7377 Circuit Diagram

This is a 60Watts (30X2) amplifier based on TDA7377 circuit diagram. The Integrated Circuit (IC) TDA7377 is a quad amplifier IC i.e. it has four inputs and outputs channels with each channel 15W peak power output. However, this design uses bridges of two channels to umake it a stereo amplifier, thus (30X2 = 60W) peak

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TDA2822M amplifier circuit

TDA2822M Circuit Diagram

Need a mini stereo audio amplifier? This simple mini TDA2822M amplifier circuit diagram is for you. It requires very few external electronic components for it to work. Hence, even a novice can construct this practical circuit. The circuit is a stereo audio power amplifier which means; you have two audio inputs and as well as

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TRA7560 amplifier circuit diagram

Car Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The circuit below is a simple but yet powerful 200Watts (50X4) car amplifier circuit diagram. The circuit is base on the integrated circuit (IC) TDA7560 or you can use its substitute; TA8268HS. The IC requires very few external components for it to work. It is quad amplifier Integrated Circuit that is to say; it has

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Simple transistors low pass filter

Transistors Low Pass filter

If you want a simple low pass filter circuit that will output only low audio frequencies for you, then this is it! The circuit is a simple transistors low pass filter that you can construct and use for your subwoofer project. This is simple transistors low pass filter circuit which produces low (bass) audio frequencies

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Simple single transistor audio amplifier

Single Transistor Amplifier

This is an interesting practical project which even a novice can build! It is a simple single transistor amplifier circuit which can be powered by 1.5V to 5V. This project uses few components which you can easily get even from a dead circuit. The circuit uses a single NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) and can drive

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