Car Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The circuit below is a simple but yet powerful 200Watts (50X4) car amplifier circuit diagram. The circuit is base on the integrated circuit (IC) TDA7560 or you can use its substitute; TA8268HS. The IC requires very few external components for it to work.
It is quad amplifier Integrated Circuit that is to say; it has four (4) input channels and four (4) outputs for those channels.

In this design I converted the four (4) input channels into two (2) so as to be a stereo car audio power amplifier circuit. However, the outputs remain four (4) channels; two (2) channels for Left and the other two (2) for Right output.
This design uses few electronic components which you can easily obtain at most of the shops that sell electronic components near you.

Make sure you mount the IC on an efficient heat sink and add any means of cooling to it because it heats when operating. Likewise; the speaker you want to use should be at least a 50W of power for each output channels. As you know, it is a powerful audio amplifier which can or might smoke up any speaker used below 50W.

The mute is used to cancel or silence the audio output when it connects to the ground (0V). Also, it brings back the audio by connecting it to the positive potential difference (Pd). The standby mode activates the amplifier when connected to the positive supply. The circuit uses DC voltage ranging from 10V to 12V single supply.

For more efficiency and performance, pick up any of these preamplifier op-amp circuits based on OP-AMP IC and add to the input sides if this amplifier.

Components Values
  • R1=47KΩ
  • R2=10KΩ
  • C1, C2, and C3=1µF
  • C4=10µF
  • C5=470nF
  • C6=47µF
  • C7=2200µF
  • C8=100nF

See ceramic capacitors (non polarized capacitors) with their number codes and values in pF, nF, and µF respectively here>> capacitor number code

Below is the TA8268HS or TDA7560 Car audio amplifier circuit diagram.

Car Amplifier Circuit Diagram

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