Bass Treble Circuit Diagram

Bass Treble Circuit Diagram with volume control is a circuit which you can use to control sound frequencies between 16Hz and 16Kz. You can control the Low (Bass), MID Treble, and HIGH Treble sounds in the audio sound. It is a simple circuit which requires less effort to build which means even a novice can build it. The components that made up this circuit are easily obtainable even from a scraped circuit board.

Components parts of the Bass Treble Circuit Diagram with volume control
Polarized Capacitors (Electrolytic Capacitor)
  • C1 = 2µF
Non Polarized Capacitors
  • C2 and C5 = 33nF
  • C3 = 330nF
  • C4 and C7 = 3.3nF
  • C6 = 0.33nF
Potentiometer (VR)
  • VR1, VR2, VR3, and VR4 = 100KΩ
Fixed Resistors
  • R1and R3 = 10KΩ
  • R2= 1.5KΩ
  • R4and R5 = 330Ω

For better output of this circuit, you may need to use any of these preamplifiers using OP Amp Circuits at the input or output of this circuit.

Bass treble circuit diagram

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  1. Interesting and simple, yet effective circuit.
    Image (the schematic) does not display in many web-browsers’

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