555 and 4013 Inverter Circuit

The circuit below is the circuit of a DC to AC 555 and 4013 power inverter circuit . The circuit can output power ranging from 100W to up to 150W or even more!

Components you need
  • Integrated Circuit (IC): NE555 (1) and CD4013 (1).
  • Fixed Resistors: 1K (3), 3.3K (1), 47K (1).
  • Capacitors: 100nF/104 (1), 474J (1), 1000uF (1).
  • Transistor: MOSFETs IRF3205 (2)
  • Others: 12V-0-12V, 5A transformer and 12V powerful battery

In this design, the IC 555 is in astable multivibrator configuration for oscillation. The position of the pot or variable resistor determines the frequency of the oscillation. You can set the frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz. After the oscillation, IC 4013 divides the frequency into two. The power MOSFETs IRF3205 amplify the oscillating outputs from the IC 4013 and the transformer steps up this voltage to upto 110V – 230V. The input voltages range from 10V to 12V.  You can improve or increase the output power of this inverter to up to 1000W or more. You can do this by adding more power MOSFETs in parallel, using powerful transformer, and  high capacity battery power bank.

555 and 4013 Inverter CircuitHowever, apart from 555 and 4013 inverter circuit, I have other power inverter circuits you can find in this site. You may also want to read power inverter or UPS runtime estimation and battery maintenance tips.

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